Shaped by the cooling waters and soft sands of the Mediterranean, heir to the riches of antiquity and child of the modern world, Side is the perfect destination, equally rich in ancient treasures and the gems of contemporary entertainment, shopping and comfortable accommodation.


Side is a superb choice for a holiday, whether your aim is to bath in sun, sea and sand, or to repose in harmony with nature under a soft, leafy canopy, or to explore the region`s unparalleled history, wandering mesmerised through the ruins of antiquity.


Here sea and sky exist in perfect harmony, and where the waters meet the side of the peninsula, golden beaches give on to ancient ruins, cafes, superb restaurants and souvenir shops. Natural marvels such as Manavgat Waterfall and Köprülü Canyon National Park are easily accessible. It`s all here.


    The Museum of Side, with the statues and figurines of gods and goddesses on display, seems like Olympus, the home of the gods and goddesses. Here the gods and goddesses of Olympus compete with each other to whisper myth and legend in the ear of visitors. Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares, Nike, Hygeia, Asclepius, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, Heracles, Tyche and Athena- the heroes and heroines of the legends that they narrate themselves in the Museum of Side.


    The Museum of Side with its historical building and carefully displayed artefacts tells the story of the Roman Period of Side, and each section of the Roman Bathhouse has been arranged as a separate gallery.

    The garden of the museum, used to be the part of the Gymnasium, houses the permanent display of Seljuk Era grave stones, along with inscription tablets, friezes and sarcophagi, parts of floor mosaics, column bases, busts and sculpture from the Roman Period. The most celebrated statue at the museum garden is the statue of Nike, the goddess of victory that salutes visitors at the end of their journey through time.


    Manavagta Waterfall is a natural wonder not far from Side. At the waterfall giant plane trees extend their branches over the turquoise waters. The restaurants and cafes around allow you to enjoy the scenery while enjoying glorious tastes. The waterfall is the upper limit of the boat tours on the Manavgat River, and is just four kilometres from Side by highway. Come and enjoy the calming sounds of the falling water and pleasing colours of the lower pond, accompanied by a cup of tea or the tasty local food.

    Two kilometres upstream to Manavgat , Lesser Waterfall offers several restaurants, cafes and teahouses. It provides a less busy, quieter atmosphere to its visitors.


    The lake formed behind the Oymapinar Dam, with a depth of 100 metres, set at the foot of a 180-metre high rocky chasm, has a thrilling landscape and tranquil atmosphere, attracting many visitors. The Oymapinar Dam is 18 kilometres to Manavgat, and a few hours spent there, taking boat tour in the tranquil lake, or a dinner enjoyed in a terrace with commanding view over the enchanting landscape, would be an unforgettable experience.


    The Köprülü Canyon National Park covers a large area, approximately thirty seven thousand hectares ambracing numerous ancient ruins, a rich fauna anf flora, and a rushing river. It is one of those rare natural spots which addresses all of your senses at once. The greenery of pines and cypresses merge in the Köprülü Canyon with the energetic waters of Köprü Stream creating beautiful landscapes that invite the landscape photographers.Visitors reach the park by taking the road between Antalya and Manavgat, then following the exit for Taşağıl and Beşkonak. The road follows a beautifful stream, with forest on either side,to the National Park. The National Park provides a rich selection of activities for discerning individuals amid its fantastic nature an ancient ruins. The options including trekking on the Ancient Road from Oluk Bridge to Selge, rafting on the Köprü Stream, one of the foremost routes of the world, and camping on the higher slopes of Mount Dedegöl. Alsı visitors may choose to swim in the cool waters of Köprü Stream, enjoy seafood at the restaurants overlooking the river, or have a picnic in the natural beauty of the National Park.


    - Watched the sunset at the Temple of Apollo with its glorious columns,

    - Visited the Museum of Side which houses one of the richest arhaeological collections of Turkey

    - Visited Manavgat Waterfall and enjoyed thrills of rafting in the Köprülü Canyon National Park

    - Enjoyed a trekking, a climb, or a joining a boat trip to explore the Mediterranean Sea

    - Tasted local food at restaurants with a sea view



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