Touristic Hotels & Investors Association (TUROB)

TUROB was founded under the title of Marmara Region Tourist Hotelkeepers Association (TOD) in the year 1971and with 13 persons. This Association which had been showing activities until the year 1983 now continues to work as the Association of the Tourist Hotelkeepers and Hotel Managers (TUROB) at present upon the change of the Associations Law.

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Historical & Boutique Hotels of Turkey (OZBI)

Historical Hotels of Turkey (OZBI) is an official association representing a group ” hotels with distinct features” in Turkey. Member hotels are unique properties all independently owned and managed. The Ozbi hotels are usually small hotels offering guests a personal and intimate feeling.

Ozbi hotels are usually located in the city centers – within walking distance to city’s landmarks. They may be remodeled mansions, reconstructed Turkish houses, or may exhibit distinctive architectural /design features that blend in with the surroundings they are a part of. They all possess exquisite character. Within this website, you will find hotel information, photographs of the member hotels as well as direct links to their websites.

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