Current World Archaeology (CWA) will be focusing on Turkey’s archaeological sites, both the popular and lesser-known, for its April/May 2012 issue under the heading ‘Turkish Odyssey: Exploring Izmir and Ephesus’ and continuing the Turkish theme in all its issues for the rest of the year. With a striking image of Izmir’s Agora on its front cover, the April/May issue of Current World Archaeology out now, has features on ancient Izmir (Smyrna) and its surroundings, its rival city of Ephesus and the lesser-known Ionian city-state of Clazomenae, written by Turkish and international experts and academics, providing an unparalleled insight into these archaeological riches and cultural touristic destinations.


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Highlights of the April/May issue include detailed accounts of the restoration of the house of one of Ephesus’ wealthiest citizens, the newly discovered and still functional water channels found below Izmir’s Agora and one of antiquity’s oldest olive presses dating from 6th century BC found at Clazomenae – all brand-new revelations for readers interested in the world of archaeology.

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